Anthro – biometric and ancient culture research and development foundation

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Ancient spiritual geometry was used for the development of human life. This research is for implementing this facility for man. Anthro — biometry is a truth about the life of man which was derived from such system. Our foundation emphasizes on research and development of other such ancient systems of cultures and cultures for the benefit of the Earth.
RKS.Muthukrishnan is the credited for discovering the Base triangles of the Egyptian pyramids of Giza are equal in angular measurements to those of the Sri Yantra , the Hindu ritualistic symbol of the Cosmos. He is also an Anthrobiometricist and author of the The Egyptian code.
RKS.Muthukrishnan was born in the Kambalathu Nayakars community . The Kambalathu Nayakars have deep roots in tantrics and spirituality and are said to have used their inherent talent for society, defense, business, administration and other purposes. RKS.Muthukrishnan was born to RK.Sennaya Swarny, , a Freedom fighter and Chakkarathaiammal ,a direct bloodline of the Varapur zamin who are well known for their tantric practices.
As a Trained Draftsman, Muthukrishnan began his quest to find relation between geometry and man and geometry and god at a very early age nearly 33 years ago. His correspondence with the well known Soviet scientist Dr.Alexi Pavulovich Kulaichev , Chair of supreme Nerves processes , Biology faculty of Moscow university, which helped him in his research about Sri yantra. RKS.Muthukrishnan discovered that triangles of Sri -Yantra have practical functions. He discovered that nowhere is this more evident than in the ancient pyramids of Egypt which,
according to him, were not tombs but giant instruments to harness cosmic energies for practical purposes .He states that the Egyptian pyramids would have been a royal maternity hospital structures for the birth of the children of the pharaohs of Egypt. His research findings about the relationship between the Sri Yantra and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt were published in many international media outlets in 1997 namely Gulf News , The Hindusthan tinnes,Sri lanka daily news, The Economic times ,The statesman etc. His latest book The Egyptian code published from the United States received reviews and news from many news media outlets such as THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – .His latest predictions include the creation of a tamil desam in Sri lanka (UNI article 7th august 2011), published in ,USAtoday web portal etc
RKS.Muthukrishnan has devised a way to predict using the Sri Yantra geometry method also called Anthro-Biometry. During his research and experimentation of Anthro biometry, RKS.Muthukrishnan has advised many personalities of political and corporate backgrounds to success. He has also made accurate predictions of famous personalities notably Mr.Lakshmi Nivas mittal, Ms.Sonia Gandhi, LTTE , Mr.Pranab Mukherjee ,Micheal Jackson etc.
Presently, Having attained higher stages of his research, he has reached a stage where he is intending to implementAnthro-biometric system in Nation’s government and to Billionaire Corporates to advance further in this research.

Muthukrishnan’s Anthro biometric science can be used to determine an individual person’s period namely Golden, Silver, Copper and Carbon in the order of the value of the metal five years earlier itself. Based on the readings ,advice and counseling can be provided to reduce the problems to be faced in the problem period (copper,carbon) in the future or increase the benefit to be attained during ones golden period (gold and silver).

Using Anthro biometry, It is possible to even determine how long the government of a country can stay strong and also the possible duration of the present governments rule through determination and analysis of Anthro-biometric periods of the political rulers of the concerned government. When leaders attain copper and carbon periods it affects the government as well.For e.g.the fall of the V.P Singh ,Narasimha rao and Vajpayee governments. Another such recent examples of The copper and carbon periods of rulers such as Muammar Ghadhafi in Libya, Mohammad Morsi in Egypt,Bashar al Assad of Syria are affecting their respective governments as well .Using anthro biometry a leader can avert a problem faced by his government by knowing their problem periods beforehand. The position and status of the ruler of the government among the ruling members can also be determined using this system.

The implication of this science on Corporate sector is to determine beforehand the ups and downs in the forms of losses and profits to come for a corporation entity through determination of Anthro-biometric periods of such individuals (such as the CEOs) at the helm of the corporation.

Muthukrishnan has created a unique system of Anthro Biometric art consisting of paintings and sculptures which is created by choosing specific artist(s) according to the Anthro-biometric system.

Mr.Muthukrishnan is now implementing universal energy system in architectural design. These unique architectural designs can be implemented in any cultural living structures such as Houses, malls etc by using aesthetic Colours and Anthro-biometric designing to generate Sri yantra- Pyramidal vibrations providing harmony and balance to people using them. Muthukrishnan’s unique architectural method is implemented in Yoga and meditation places as well, depending on available space at hand.

The Foundation

The 33 year of my research was to find to implications on ancient sciences and geometry on human kind. Indeed Ancient geometry used by our ancestors have deep implications in our present world. My Research on relation between geometry and man has provided us important and truthful implications of ancient geometry in human life. Ancient geometry has great implications and relation on the life of man. My research has proved that these specific geometric system of Anthro-biometry,affects social, political and economic systems and can decide outcomes in politics, business, etc. My extensive research on the pyramids of Egypt and its relation with Sri Yantra geometry has further proved that the pyramids have also been used to harness energy for mankind. The purpose of this research foundation is to promote research into these ancient cultures and geometry of our ancestors all over the world to help mankind in attaining peace and prosperity.

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