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An open letter to Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States

We are deeply honoured in welcoming you to your second term as the president of the United States of America. You have been in fact the only president to have such a fame and high stature in the minds and hearts of the people all around the world. The world has seen many American presidents before who are now only remembered for their warlordism. We can take the case of George W.Bush who is now known only as a Middle Eastern oil plunderer or the case of Abraham Lincoln who is known for his war for the unity of the union.

For a hundred years now American policies have always influenced the world over. It has been a life taker or a life giver for many people all around the world. We strongly believe that you have made the white house more “white” and pure by supporting peace and prosperity more than any other president of the United States for the past 100 years.
We Asians and also many of the third world countries have a strong belonging towards you because of your sheer respect and understanding you have shown to our culture and people. Your belief in the teachings Mahatma Gandhi, your childhood life in Indonesia, you ancestral connections in Kenya have created strong sense of support and reliance for you in our people.

We ask of your support for our peaceful living. The present world is witnessing continuous violence and warfare. Men ,Women and children are killed every day. The cause for the bloodshed has been called with different names like terrorism, military, rebels etc. but they are all a common cause of death and destruction of human kind. In the present age of extremes we are witnessing a conflict of principles. This principle war has to end to create a better life for all of us on our mother earth. No matter who is killed in this world irrespective of their colour, race, sect or caste it is a loss of a valuable soul in our world.
We humbly request your support and promotion for the cause of peace and prosperity in our nations just as you have done for the people in your country. Religion has become a weapon for many who want to create destruction. You are not only an American president but also a world leader who is known in every part of the world. We want you to take a secular stance in your political policy just as you are secular individually. We want you to protect the Asian people and stop the bloodshed happening in Africa and the Middle East. This is our humble request.

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