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Architecture controls the climate but universal architecture decides the cosmic energy. Architecture facilitates lifestyle and activities of human life. Architecture helps in creating a suitable cold environment in a hot atmosphere and a suitable hot environment in a cold atmosphere For e.g. An igloo protects Eskimos form cold, and in Africa, round huts make the place cooler. Also, in .desert regions of Rajastan , palaces were designed to provide cool air inside ,using viable architectural methods.Climate is controlled by the universe. But in order to create a suitable climatic condition, the architects create a structure that is meant to control this climate and this results in health problems for the people who reside in them. This result is not stoppable. Human being ,who is capable of surviving in every climatic condition is also affected in a positive or negative way by a universal energy .These positives and negatives caused by these structures can be controlled through the Sri yantra – Pyramid method. This is not a recent discovery but this discovery has been derived from thousands of years of research and implementation. These positives and negatives invoked humanity into creating protective structures of Sri yantra — Pyramids, they were used to control and reduce these positives and negatives for the well being of humanity. Since ancient times in Asian regions, siddas used this system for the welfare of the ruling king and his family members .The pharaohs in ancient Egypt used this geometrical system. The pyramids are one such geometric system.
My findings from this research is called as Anthro biomerty My research started 33 years ago with my quest to find the correspondence and relation between humanity and geometry. Using my trained Draftsman skills and my unique anthro biometric methodology I was able to vibrate Sri yantra on copper, gold and silver plates. In these very thin metal sheets I was able to harness vibration from Sri yantra .
I began my research related to colours and geometry and its combination 23 years ago. Recently, for the past 15 years I was able to Combine geometry and colour for harnessing Vibrations, this was entirely different form my earlier method of combining metal and geometry to harness these energies of vibrations. Following which I have tried implementing my research on living structures. My findings have helped me to harness energies from cultural architectural structures all around the world from ancient times till present day.
We are planning to raise funds for advancing this research on Anthro biometry through commercial practice of construction of these structures. We are declaring a call for Architects all around the world, interested and practicing any cultural architecture to support this research
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