Indian mystic

Indian mystic

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Indian mystic R. K. S. Muthukrishnan has found new uses for the Sri Chakra, an 8th century “tantrik yantra” or occult device. It is not just a symbol of the universe, a mythical receptacle of cosmic energy or an aid to concentration. It is a keyhole enabling a peep into the future and a powerful, tool to harness cosmic energies for the attainment of secular goals. Seeing new meanings in the Chakra’s angles and triangles, Muthukrishnan has found that they have practical functions. The Chennai – based former draftsman says that nowhere is this more evident than in the pyramids which, according to him, were not tombs but giant instruments to harness cos¬¨mic energies for practical purposes.

To R.K.S.Muthukrishnan, the draftsman turned mystic, the triangle is everything. It is a representa¬¨tion of the universe, a determinant of our individual and collective lives, a keyhole through which one can foresee what is to come, and an instrument with which one can control the elements. “Man is encapsulated in a triangle,” asserts the lanky 38-year-old man from Chennai, India.

Muthukrishnan’s romance with the triangle began in a rather mundane way, when he joined a course in draftsmanship at the G. D. Naidu Technical Institute in Coimbatore, Tamil nadu. But he was soon to discover that his stock in trade of angles and triangles had more to them than met the eye. Sixth sense led him to the Sri Chakra, the 8th century Hindu mystic symbol, which was a set of concentric triangles set in a circle ringed by lotus petals.

The Adi Shankaracharya, the 8th century Hindu philosopher who is believed to have created the Sri Chakra, might have known all its properties, but down the ages, Hindus had seen it only as a symbol of the cosmos, a receptacle of mystic power and the “bindu”, the dot at the centre of the Chakra, was considered an aid in meditation. But Muthukrishnan intuitively felt that there was more to it than just these.

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