Nicolas Maduro – a comrade to president

Nicolas Maduro – a comrade to president

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The late president Hugo Chavez chose Nicolas Maduro as his sucessor. Inf act the people elected Nicolas Maduro because he was chosen by Chavez. In the contemporary world where oil robbery in prevalent, President Maduro is sure to have disturbances and influences from the oil robbers of the world. Oil robbers have different forms acting as governments, agents of terrorism and capitalists etc.

We have witnessed this already in the case of late president of Iraq Saddam Hussian. During Saddam’s tenure the oil prices in countries such as India were reasonable and were reachable to the common people. But after the oil robbers entered Iraq, the cost of oil in India has gone sky high and it has become very difficult for the common people. Nicolas Maduro has a daunting task to save himself and his peoples’ oil from these robbers so that he can help the people of Venezuela just as Hugo Chavez did.

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