Soviet Researcher

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The three questions from Soviet researcher – what is the world, for which purpose exists it and what is the task of a man in the world

My research then brought me to Madras.I used to frequently visit the Kabalisshwarar temple in Madras because the tombs of these temples gave me shelter from the sun and continued with my research. Once while sitting on the shade of the mighty gopuras of the temple a newspaper cutting probably used for prasadham packing flew towards me. It was a news article of the Hindu newspaper containing something about a Russian researcher Mr.Alexi Pavulovich Kulaichev a soviet scientist of Moscow university. It was about his research on the Sri Yantra, the ancient hindu cosmic symbol. This was my first experience with the Sri yantra.There was a person called Ganesan of the Indian oil company who came to me for predictions at that time. As I was poor in English. He helped me in translating the article .This article talked about the sri yantra having close connection with human life.
Mr.ganesan He introduced me to a higher official of the Indian oil company – Shri Ramamurthy who gave me the first testimonial certificate for my authentic science.
After reading the article, I sent a letter to the Moscow University naming it to the soviet researcher Alexi Pavulovich Kulaichev concerning my research on Sri Yantra and about its ability to control mankind. I stated my predictions to Smt.Indira Gandhi and how it came true. The letter was transferred to the chair of supreme nerves processes, biology faculty, Moscow University to Mr.Kulaichev.

Mr.Kulaichev astronished and intrigued by this fact , replied me with the a letter in Tamil asking me three questions –
1. What is the world?
2. For which purpose exists it?
3. What is the task of a man in the world?
He also requested me to answer it through my own words and not from the Vedas, the tantras and the puranas.
What I was able find was the way to find out the task of man in the world. I am still in the process of finding the other answers. I have setup an anthro biometric and ancient culture research and development foundation for this purpose. This foundation will need more educationists and good funding to make this possible.
My political influence did not end with the Gandhi family. I had many close associates in the regional politics one such person was late V.N.Subramaniam M.L.A of the AIADMK party of tamil nadu, Perundurai constituency. I played a major role in helping him win the legislative assembly elections. Once he had requested me to introduce him to a famous granite magnate and the Managing director of the GEM granites Thiru.Veeramani.He was a very influential person at that time and had business deals in the Seoul Olympics held in South Korea.
I was in search of journalists in the intention to publicize my achievement to the world community. For this purpose I used to used to come frequently to Chennai in search of journalists. Landing at Avadi ,I was helped by a bus driver named Palava Singaram who also introduced me to Thiru M.Vasanthan who was the sub editor at a local AIADMK newspaper. After seeing my letter from Indira Gandhi and also experiencing my accurate predictions firsthand he introduced me to another journalist named Thiru Somu who was the editor at the Namadhu Nirubar magazine.He inturn introduced me to Thiru Krishnan bala. I contacted Krishnan Bala who was also impressed with my science.This person had contact with Thiru Veeramani. On my request he introduced me to the granite magnate.I came to him for the reason of the request from V.N.Subramaniam but did not realize that this person will become the stepping stone for me in my political life. He got very impressed with my ability. At that time it was the V.P.Singh government. I predicted the fall from prime ministership soon after his first year. To declare this prediction on a larger scale Thiru Veeramani helpfully introduced me in his business meeting in his office with prominent journalists of reputed newspapers such as the Statesman ,Newscribe etc.I declared this prediction in front of the watching eyes of these journalists.No body present there took this statement very seriously at that time. But when it really happened I got myself a group of admirers in Thiru.Vaidhiyanadhan of newscribe (now the editor of dhinamani daily) and Thiru V.K Balachandar.
I have always intended to only experiment my science in various fields especially in politics and corporate sector. After the end of the VP singh government ,Rajiv Gandhi the son of Indira Gandhi was facing the elections.During his visit to Chennai for campaigning .I was present there at the time when Rajiv Gandhi was passing by waving his hand to a wave of supporters around him at greams road,chennai. At that moment an inside thought struck me and I said to people around me that this was the last time we will be seeing Rajiv Gandhi waving in Chennai and that his death will be caused by a woman. I also informed Thiru Vaidhiyanathan and thiru P.K.Balachandar of my intuition. I made it clear that congress will again come to power but Rajiv Gandhi will not.
I wanted to meet Rajiv Gandhi to warn him of his situation he was about to face.I requested My journalist friend Thiru Vaidhiyanathan to introduce me to him. He told us to have a personal phone ready so that Mani Shankar Iyer who was entering into politics at that time will help me find a meeting with Rajiv gandhi. At that time I could not even afford to have a personal phone. So I booked a hotel room so that I can have a personal number .I waited in the same hotel room for many months, waiting to receive a call from him. But it was not to happen. I did try through my other close friends. One such person was Mr.V.P.Rao ,a person introduced through an Andra Pradesh government minister who was a close friend of Thiru Veeramani. He was a classmate to Rajiv Gandhi in his student days. He also supported me in my research .I will write more about him in detail in my autobiography.
I was with Mr.V.P.Rao in the Taj hotel in Nungambakkam waiting for Rajiv Gandhi to return to Chennai from his visit to Sri Perumbadur when I received news that Mr.Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by the LTTE in Tamil Nadu soil. It was a big disappointment for me as I was not able to prevent this from happening.
. Just after the rajiv’s death the sri lankan daily news (dated 3/9/1992)wrote an article named “FUTURE FROM TRIANGLES AND CIRCLES IN SRI CHAKRA – Indian mystics prediction for india,LTTE ,US election and Indira Gandhi ” about my unique science and about my accurate prediction . I also at that time made predictions that LTTE will not succeed in creating a tamil eelam ,and also that a tamil nadu will not be possible.I further made predictions about the American presidential election in which I predicted that Bill Clinton has the upper hand by a positive 10 percent and will come back to power even when it was largely believed that he would not. This was the beginning of my fame.
The Narasimha rao government came to power after the fall of Rajiv Gandhi.The government was facing hardship in the centre and furthur it was pushed to a non confidence vote. Mr. Balachander who was at the inauguration of the Hindusthan times newspaper in Patna at that time asked me if the government would topple for which I replied that the according to my science it will not. Mr.Narasimha rao escaped losing his post with a very little margin.My prediction came true .For this reason he wrote an article about me in the Hindustan times newspaper,HT diary, named “Extraordinary man” (1993).Later on I have also accurately predicted the fall of Former prime minister Thiru Narasimha rao two years befor his fall from power (Express star teller dated november 1994 pg 28)


My predictions using anthro biometry

Prediction to Shri Pranab mukherjeee 2 years ago in April 2010 issue page 3

Testimonial from Thiru Vaidhiyanathan

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