Sri Ramar Bridge

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The Sri lankan defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s statement accused the Indira Gandhi government in india for developing the terrorism in the northern part of Sri Lanka. This is not true because wherever there is a struggle for freedom there will always be support from other freedoms fighters externally. The late Prime minister of india Srimathi Indira Gandhi was a stern supporter of freedom all over the world .Notably the support to the Palestine independence struggle of Yassar Arafat, who was first signified with a diplomatic status by her government. In the same way she supported the freedom struggle of east Pakistan which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. In the same way the freedom struggle of Northern Sri lanka was supported by the Indian government lead by Indira Gandhi. The EPRLF wing was particularly given importance by the Indian government at her time.But unfortunately due to the internal political conflict between the eprlf and ltte wings proved opportunistic for the Sri Lankan government. The Sri lankan government is conducting a extermination of the people of the Northern sri lanka inorder to reduce the vote count for parliamentary representation.

In the words of the revolutionary poet Subramaniya Bharathiyars “aduvome pallu paduvome anandha suthanthiram adaithuvitome yendru”[tamil poem] meaning “let us dance and sing for our dear freedom has been attained” .These words were uttered even before India attained the freedom. We would like to remind Mr.gothebaya rajapakshe that the same poet wrote, “singala thevinnir kor palam amaipom” meaning “We will lay a bridge to Singala island “.
Sri Ram laid a bridge for Ravana in the ancient epic of Ramayana many ages before. Now it would be the time to lay a bridge from India to northern Sri Lanka for freedom of the people.

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