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St Peter’s Basilica

St Peter’s Basilica Coat of Arms of the Borghese Pope paul V on the ceiling of the Portico of St Peter’s Basilica

Medieval Art from Germany

Medieval Art from Germany Fragment of a page from Latin Bible with the initial L Thuringia-Saxony, 13th century Parchment Height 30 cm, width 18.5 cm Bredt 22, Kapsel 1593 The Bible is the holy book of the Christian churches and the basis of the Christian religion. It consists of...

Point of a hunting spear

Point of a hunting spear German (Nuremberg?), 16th century Steeled iron, etched and blackened Height 26.5 cm, width 16.2 cm depth 1.8 cm W 2866 In nealy all cultures there has been a tendency for the ancient long weapon, the lance or spear, to become a symbol of power or...

East India Company

East India Company The imposition and Our Resilience This symbol of the East Indian company which originated in Europe came to India for plundering its natural reserves. It not only did so but also changed the nature dependent political structure into a centralized industrial setup called India. But...